Work is hard never thought it would be. I’m not a part of a team, but more along the lines I’m here to solve issues when needed. More responsibility with more accountability but no worth. Currently feeling disposable by so many factors it doesn’t really breed loyalty and accountability. It only pushes the employee’s further away. I’m not sure what this life has in store for me. I will do my best to live it to the best of my ability. Stress is always calling my name. The only salvation I have currently is the fact I can hide my emotions in my wife’s embrace.

Started a new Path

Well started working recently. It’s quite enjoyable yet very hard to keep focused. I’m not sure what the company is trying to focus on. It seems they could overall increase their performance with customers however rather just stay to old ways. For instance we work with IT issues yet somehow I always get phone calls from things that have no relationship to my current work. Like Kohl’s or something else.  Well I guess it’s a paycheck so might as well just enjoy it and keep moving forward.