Let’s play a game where you realize you are a part of a team. However, this team was set up so you would always fail. you want to count on them to get stuff done but realize that they only want to argue and fight with each other. So instead of failing you focus on only things that you know you can control which is yourself and you put yourself to work. After working you realize they start complaining about not spending time with you. Or they start bitching about something else. You continue to work they mention they want to help so you let them. They help but set you back three weeks in the deadline. So now your busy cleaning up their mess.  to make issues worse you know they can walk away at any time and take everything you worked on away from you. Now you take the time and find out its there upbringing that lets them this route.  Do you blame their parents for being shitty? Do you just suck it up and move forward?  They complain about so much and you change for them but they only temp change for you. So what the fuck is the point in this shit.