I’m FAT.

Today fucking sucked. My fat cried. I cried. I looked at my hubby and said “fuck you” as I was struggling with a low weight. At the time I felt like I was dying and that I couldnt do it. He was trying to get me to push myself. I ended up able to do it. Still, I was contemplating whether skinny/fit was worth that pain. Then I remembered that it wasnt my fat or my comfort on the line. It’s my marriage. I cant lose that. I cant lose him. So I’m gonna keep pushing. As much as it sucks. As much as I hurt. I will lose this weight and be fit. I want to be able to chase the dogs and kid. I want to have an active, enjoyable sex life with my husband. Maybe working out will grow on me like hot sauce did. Here’s to hoping.

Come on bitch, you cant fail, you cant give up. Not on this. Do it for you. Your heart has been funny.

Fix your weight. Fix you. Fix your marriage.

12 Weeks of hell

Dear Self.
Don’t lose sight of what you’re doing. You got this for once focus on your body for you. Get this 12 week of hell out your system and conquer your future get in shape and retake back your life. No need to carry that fat gut everywhere let’s get into some clothes that fit amazingly and start working out to where we can eat tacos again freely. I believe in you now you need to believe in yourself. Fat fuck Get this shit Right and get it Tight. If you don’t start losing weight, then Your marriage is a fucking lie and you admit it. Current Weight 336