About me


    Well most everything you could ever find out about me will be posted in the form of blogs. Mainly due to the fact that I will not hold back the truth on this blog. However, if you must know I’m currently medically retired from the Military. I served straight out of high school. I joined the military because I figured my mother couldn’t support me and my brother at the same time after my father died. It was a stupid idea in my head to leave the home that once housed our wonderful fucked up family and join the military to make my own way. Little did I know what mental impact the military would have on my life. Either way here I am now. Currently trying to finish up my degree in college. However, this might be different by the time you read this I might already be on my way to career path. Either way this is who I am and I own it. I’m a broken soul that is surviving each and everyday with the help of family.

People Die everyday and no one lives forever cherish what you have because one day it might no longer be there for you to reach out to for help or love.

Either way I guess I could link my other forms of contact

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