The Truth Arrives

Women I beg for understanding. Why cause so much pain and suffer. Why is it men are discarded at the flip of a coin. My own wife decided it was time for truth. What is the truth but a lie covered in roses? The roses wilt when the truth itself isn’t pure. Not only do you find yourself in a situation where you tell the truth to someone you cover the whole truth and try to lessen the impact. My wife made the choice like I view all women do to cheat on me. This wasn’t recent, but it did occur. When the partner asks you to define cheating before they answer the question then whatever comes out their mouth is a lie. When you set the stage for them, they will play it within rules to make sure they are ahead of the game. I gave you everything from day one. You never had to worry about trust with me I never lied to you. The reason for that was simply because a single lie can grow and develop into something much worse. When you asked for things, I gave you them. You wanted a house I made it happen. You wanted to be successful at your job I stepped in and gave you not only the motivation and courage I gave you the ability to understand your own software. I took on the responsibility of helping you raise a son. Knowing you could never birth a child of my own blood. Yet all the sacrifices I made didn’t stop you from not only being with someone else but someone younger and with the same name as me. Whenever you needed me, I was there my mind was open to anything and everything. Yet it wasn’t enough the biggest bet I made was you. I wanted you to be different and I needed you to prove to me that my life wasn’t just to suffer. I forgive you; I regret you; I love you; I don’t need you; I stand by my words even when you won’t stand by yours. But I will give you the last warning you need to listen to. EVERY MAN HAS A BREAKING POINT.

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